Welcome to The Kenny Corner. Here you will find a collection of thoughts, ramblings, reviews and rants that will give you a glimpse into my life and my world.

The topics you will find within are close to my heart for a variety of reasons. From gaming to fitness, music to film, I am passionate about so many different subjects, as you’ll soon discover.

So your next question is probably “who are you?” My name’s Chris and I have a joy for writing that has stemmed from a young age, where my teachers at school would always remark on how my stories were amongst the best they’d seen. I know, it’s difficult to not be blown away by such a huge accolade, but I promise that I’m a regular human being, just like you.

With that said, here’s my modus operandi; I’m not going to give you false reviews to pander to certain audiences, or tick a corporate box, no. Everything you read here is straight from my mind, spilled out onto the page.

I’m certain that there will be something within these pages that will stir your emotions, either positively or negatively and I welcome interaction! Leave comments, send me emails, be active and participate and let’s get talking!