The Prep Diary: Peak Week

It’s felt like an eternity, yet at the same time, it’s come around all of a sudden, out of nowhere. The final week before my show which is termed “peak week” has arrived. The goal during this week isn’t to drastically wipe out all of my food or go the opposite way and carb load so I end up on the stage as a watery, overblown mess, the key is striking the balance and getting my body into a position where it’s the best it has ever been; the peak.

To clarify my opening statement; I feel like I’ve been in prep for a long time, which, is true. I’ve had some form of restricted diet since around January, however, as you’ll recall I didn’t get truly going until around about the end of April, where I enlisted the aid of the Chase Perfection team. Since then, my physique has transformed in a huge way, check out the picture below;



My calories were actually increased from what I was previously doing, yet it was more nutritionally dense and overall just far better for my body, which responded accordingly.

Yet all this time in prep and the last seven weeks have truly flown by for me. I feel like I’ve cruised into the show, helped by the fact that I’ve been ludicrously busy in my personal life, which has actually made prep become a sideline in many ways, I’ve simply stuck to the plan and got my head down.

That will be the key for this final week as well. I know what I’m like; if I start thinking too deeply about the intricacies of every single meal, or making sure every rep is executed with perfect form, I’ll lose it. For me, I have to just keep the grind going and make sure I don’t derail in any way and stay focused on the task at hand.


Focus. But also make time for a selfie when appropriate 😉

I can’t wait for the day to arrive now, partly because I’m excited to see how I fare on the day, but also because I can’t wait to gorge myself on a post-competition cheat meal (and likely stay on that binge for a day or two!) I can’t go too crazy though; I have a photoshoot on the 10th of August, so I need to keep myself in somewhat decent shape for that! For me, it’s important to have a target to strive for, otherwise, I am prone to boredom and therefore, not maximising my time in the gym, or otherwise.


A likely post-show meal!


Before I had the desire to compete, I wasn’t really doing much in the gym apart from spinning my wheels. I had the occasional holiday to “get in shape” for and I enjoyed the activity on the whole, but it wasn’t goal orientated and therefore, nothing to truly measure my progress against, or put pressure on myself for. I thrive under a deadline and need some competitive edge to what I do. This accompanied me in my football playing days, my time as a semi-professional gamer and in my work life. I relish the chance to prove myself and get better, so this is why I was so attracted to competing in the first place.


Approaching the shape of my life

It’s crazy that as I’m writing this, a moment of reflection and self-praise has arrived. I’ve taken something that was a pipe dream in 2016 and converted it into a reality. I said back then “I will compete in 2018.” That was the goal and here I am, a week away from taking my first steps into the competing world. It shows the power of keeping a goal and a dream going, no matter what. If you work hard enough to achieve something, you really can and I firmly believe that. So if you’re reading this and wondering if you could compete, or change your body, or make any goal work; you can. Just set the bar, don’t deviate from the path and you’ll do it. Be determined, be fearless and don’t worry if you stumble or slip on the way, it’s inevitable. Keep going forward, keep staying positive and relish the challenges as they come, it’s what makes us grow and become better.