The Prep Diary: 6 Weeks Out

Welcome back to my journey to the stage! It’s now the third of June and it’s a critical time in my path to July; under six weeks out.

Typically, most people begin their competition prep from twelve weeks out so this would be considered the halfway point. However, as you know, I’ve been prepping for a while; alone and with the help of the team at Chase Perfection, so for me, six weeks feels ridiculously close!

So let’s start with a visual update on my current physique;



The biggest change for me is vascularity; the obvious difference being the left shoulder coming through from out of nowhere. However, there’s also the beginnings of veins appearing down near my lower abs, which is pleasing to see. All this can be attributed to the usual suspects; training, nutrition and rest. My waist size has also decreased as has my weight, so everything is certainly getting tighter and leaner. Let’s get a breakdown of the core facets and


Remember when I said, “training was the easy part”? It turns out, that this has suddenly not been the case so much. Strength has, predictably, started to tail off somewhat and the training sessions themselves are taking it out of me more than before. Rather than having the energy to push through the last set and finish with aplomb, occasionally I’ll drift out rather meekly and find I’m unable to get that extra rep I was claiming just a few short weeks ago. This is to be expected though and it doesn’t worry me, it just means the weight will be dropped to allow for crisper repetitions and full completion of the set. I’ve always maintained that the number written on the weight doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a challenge for you.

In addition to the usual weight sessions, my step count per day has been upped to fifteen thousand. This suits me as my jobs are desk-based for the majority of my time and with the weather being as great as it is, it’s helping me get the steps in with relative ease. Cardio is, of course, an important aspect of my regime, with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) now playing a vital role in my prep, not only getting me fitter but providing another outlet for calories to be burned.


My diet hasn’t changed a bit since working with Chase Perfection, which for me is a good thing. I much prefer having a standardised routine that I can stick to without deviation, as I’ll likely end up forgetting what I should be having and when! My diet has a lot of variety, so my macronutrients (macros) come from all different sources. For protein, I’m employing fish, chicken, beef and protein powder (added to my oats). Carbs come in the form of basmati rice, white pitta bread and the aforementioned oats. Green vegetables are, of course, also throw in the mix, so I tend to make sure most meals have this excellent source of nutrition. When I was prepping myself, my fats were far too low, which has also been addressed with the addition of olive oil, pesto and sauces for particular meals.

I’d certainly advise maintaining a healthy mix of different food sources, as it can soon become monotonous eating chicken and broccoli every other meal; trust me I know, I’ve been there.


With a busy work life (I know it may seem hard to believe, but it’s true I swear) that involves a regular day job as a head of a department that is supplemented by my freelance work online, rest is something I crave in abundance yet hardly achieve. Why is that? For me, it comes down to distraction. I love consuming media in all forms; books, television, online forums, whatever it may be, I simply love soaking up more knowledge and interesting ideas from others and of course, kicking back and watching some entertaining stuff – you’ll be familiar with my love of wrestling if you move around this website! Back to the point though; rest is something I desperately need to address. Some days I’ll be running on about four hours sleep which is just not good enough and long-term impacts my muscle repair.

What’s Next?

I’m entering Phase 2 of my plan with Chase Perfection, which has updated training regimes. Posing is now becoming a bigger area of importance for me and I try and get in a solid fifteen minutes per night in some capacity.

I’m relatively happy with how I’m progressing – at the end of the day I’ve never looked better in my life. That’s obviously something to be proud of, but I simply want more; I want to achieve and excel.

Watch this space.