The Prep Diary: 12 Weeks Out

With just under twelve weeks to go until I make my debut on stage in Manchester, there’s been a call to action and a change in direction in order for me to bring about the best possible physique I can on the day.

Enter Chase Perfection. You’ll recall from earlier posts that I’ve already attended posing camps run by this team, however now I have fully immersed myself in their services, enlisting their aid to prep me for this contest. That includes a personalised meal plan, training split and regular check-ins and contact. For me, this is the step I needed to take, as it was becoming clear that managing this alone was not the way to go; I simply don’t have the experience. Therefore, I’m now equipping myself with all of the tools necessary to get the job done. I make no secret of my ambition; I want to do well and place in my categories and now I’m confident that I’m giving myself the very best chance I have of achieving my dream.


So what changes have been made? Apart from the increase in cardio (as you’ll see if you follow my Instagram stories) the biggest and most beneficial adjustment has been the nutritional side of things. As mentioned above, I’ve had my meal plan completely revamped for the better, and so far, things seem to be moving forward at a good pace. Body fat is reducing, weight has again dropped and I feel better. The meals are enjoyable too which is always very helpful when dieting as it means that I’m not lured to the pull of the ever-tempting “cheat meal”.

Training has stayed largely the same, intensity and work rate are still high but the focus and aim is to ensure each body part is being hit twice a week, to maximise the amount of growth possible within these coming weeks. Speaking of, next week I’ll be back to Bulgaria, so this is where the revised training plan will really come into its own in order to keep me on track. I’ve usually struggled with my nutrition when abroad, so with my meal plan I can now stay firmly committed to what I need to eat in order to stay the course.

Getting back to the competition side of things, this weekend just gone was the first Pure Elite show of the calendar year and I had many friends competing, who all did extremely well, placing in their categories and some even taking first place wins and pro cards! I made sure to attend, not only to give my support but also get a real feel for the competition, as I’ve never been to one before. Needless to say, it was really beneficial to see what goes into the entire day, the downtime between categories, the atmosphere when up on stage, how everyone looks on the day, it was very eye-opening. It made me more motivated than ever to keep working hard, as I know I’ll be up against some like-minded individuals who also want to succeed. Above all else though, it’s important to take stock and realise that ultimately, it’s about how far I’ve come over the years and put myself in this position where I am able to walk onto the stage and proudly display my body, knowing I’ve given it my all.