The Prep Diary: Week 7

Welcome back to the Prep Diary!

With many of my friends edging closer to kicking off the competition with an end of April show, it’s starting to feel a bit more real now and the work that I still need to do is sinking in. I’ve been very happy with my training as of late, which I detailed in last week’s post. To continue, I’ve still been hitting the early morning sessions and feeling better than ever. The tweak this week has been the introduction of cardio, both in terms of regular walks after work to get my “steps” in for the day (and also try and catch some of the rare British sunshine) and also with some HIIT, which is always a struggle to get through, but a good feeling once it’s over (probably relief!)

As far as my conditioning, my weight seems to have stagnated, in that I am not losing any pounds, nor gaining. This is obviously not ideal, so that was why I took the decision to enlist a prep coach to get me through until the show date.



Current condition



What this entails for me is revising my meal plan, which I discovered was drastically low in fats as well as changing how many meals I’m eating per day and also reconfiguring all of my macronutrients. Today (Monday 16/4/18) is the first day of engagement with this plan, so in next week’s Diary, I can share my thoughts and progress, which I’m certain will be beneficial! In addition, areas of my physique to work on were highlighted and thus, training can be prioritized effectively in order to bring the lacking areas up to the desired standard. Obviously, there’s not a lot of room for growth in these coming weeks, but post-competition, the groundwork will have been set and the off-season growth can be benefitted by a revised training scheme.

I also managed to get some posing done at the gym this week, practicing my T-walk and trying to establish the routine in my head, which I’ll be tweaking and improving on as the days and weeks roll by. As I mentioned before, this is the area that causes me the most concern, posing doesn’t come very naturally to me, but with the right guidance and confidence, I’m positive it will all come together on the day.

So with that, this relatively short entry is all there is to say; sadly no trips abroad to report on, just simple honest hard work and determination!

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