The Prep Diary: Week 6

Back to reality, back to the grind and back to lifting some good old fashioned heavy weights!

If you recall from last week’s entry where I finished an otherwise strong week with an incredible “off the rails” moment of indulgence, I landed back in the UK on Monday evening, in bed by 11pm. By 4:30am, Tuesday morning, I was awake and making preparations to leave the house to get into a big and brutal push session, comprised of chest and shoulder exercises. This truly set the tone for the rest of the week, as from this point onwards, training took place every single day until Sunday. Course well and truly set straight.



Part of the Tuesday chest & shoulder session. Check out the video on my Instagram page!

Those of you familiar with my journey thus far will know that I’m partaking in early morning sessions most of the time and I’ve covered why this is happening before, but to surmise; the benefits have been huge. Taking away the training and nutritional aspect, let’s focus on the mental side of things for a moment.

The early sessions prepare me for the entire day to come. Yes, waking up when my alarm goes beserk at 4:37am isn’t easy, especially as it’s still cold and wet outside and there’s nothing more comfortable in the entire world than a warm duvet, but after making that initial brave leap out of the bed, the day can begin. Being up at this hour and getting into a brutal, fun and challenging gym session gives me more energy for the day ahead and also gets me into the correct mindset; I’m working hard here, therefore will continue to push on throughout the day. This translates to my career and by the time 8:00am rolls on, I’ve already been productive and therefore it’s a simple transition into my job to continue the momentum and get things done swiftly, without the need for that 30 minutes or so to “wake up” in the office before the day can begin.

Furthermore, the difficulty of rising up at an early time helps me truly appreciate a lay-in, but not to the extent of slothing around in bed until 10/11am, but rather a 7/8am wake-up call. I’m mainly referring to a weekend or rest day here, but the point is that waking up at 8am is now viewed as a bonus is a vast change from the very recent past, where I would easily stay prone under the covers until almost mid-day. What a waste. Instead, I have more time to do what I want to, whilst getting in longer training sessions and still easily completing other necessary tasks. No longer am I scrambling around to find free time, it simply comes naturally and there’s no guilt associated to it; I’ve done exactly what I need to do and “downtime” is well and truly earned.

This all circles back and factors into the mindset I’m adopting currently, that has been sharpened like never before; I’m focused (being competitive in nature fuels this), happy and fulfilled in all areas of life. So far then, the decision to embark on this massive journey has been eye-opening and is affecting me in ways I didn’t think I would experience. I’m still quite a way out (15 weeks, just under), so it’s entirely possible that my perspective will dramatically shift, however, for now, it’s all systems go and positive thoughts all around.

To wrap this week up, a quick word on nutrition. It’s been a steady week, sticking to the tried and tested formula, however, I’ve begun to notice that weight loss has started to stagnate. Therefore, in the week to come, I’ll be changing things around; cardio will need to increase. It’s hopefully a simple tweak that will see progress once again resumed, but we’ll reconvene in a week and see how things stack up…


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