The Prep Diary: Week 4

Welcome, everyone to the ongoing series; The Prep Diary which chronicles my journey from the gym to the stage and of course everything in between.

Time is flying by. After four weeks, I feel well and truly “in” prep mode; every meal is a gift, my mood can be somewhat abrasive at times, yet training is still on point and in fact, probably better than it has been in a long time.

So why is that? Well, for starters, motivation is at an all-time high. There’s a couple of factors at play here, firstly, having a goal is so incredibly important for my development, as having something tangible to work towards is a massive change from simply “working out to look good.” I thrive on competition, from playing football to competing at the highest level in e-sports, it doesn’t matter what the area is, I’ll always give my all.

Reason number two, for me, is that I’ve started splitting my gym sessions between two of South London’s finest gyms; Go Gym and King’s Gym, both within close proximity to my workplace, providing an ideal, easy to get to, arena to train. Variety is the spice of life, and switching from different equipment to target different muscle groups provides a unique sensation that fires the muscle fibres in various ways. Simply put, alternating between machines and gyms keeps the montomy at bay. It’s all too easy to get bogged down in the same routine without realising it and find yourself repeating the same tasks over and over, it just ends up feeling like work.

Speaking of work, I’ve been having most of my sessions early in the day (5:30am) before I head to my office. Oh, and also fasted. Previously, I did this a few times and wasn’t too sure, but now, I love it. It gets the day off to a great start, as well as elongating my time so I can adequately juggle my working day with having some downtime, and also getting on with my freelance jobs while I’m at home. Circling back to training on an empty stomach, I did previously notice a huge decrease in strength, but that seems to have dispersed, or I’m simply trying harder. I think it’s likely the latter, as every week my focus seems to sharpen and my desire grows.

Diet has been relatively spot on, I’ve dropped a few pounds and I’ve noticed that body fat is steadily decreasing. Something to aid that will be an introduction to cardio, starting this week. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been putting it off. I’ve never enjoyed it, but that’s not really important anymore, what is important is to be the best I can possibly be and that means giving everything that I can and should, therefore no lame excuses, just hard work.

But enough of that, let’s get to the important thing; this week’s cheat meal. For once, I decided to mix things up and skip the Domino’s (I know, how could I). McDonald’s was my guilty pleasure this week and to be honest, it was pretty lackluster. I always find the Golden Arches are a great idea, but often the results are lacking. Think this week I’ll stick to my Dominos!

Last week I set the task of getting to the gym for a minimum of five times. I’m delighted to say that this was achieved and every session was truly maximised, with multiple body parts trained per session, intensity kept high and a lot of fun throughout.

So the goals for this week;

  • Maintain the intensity through every workout
  • Keep my head in the game with the diet
  • Complete at least two cardio sessions

Modest goals, but achievable. This seems to be working best for me, having realistic targets I can consistently hit week in, week out. Consistency is key and that’s my plan for the duration of this prep, onwards and upwards.