The Prep Diary: Week 2

Well well, not all weeks are created equal and this has never been truer with last week’s challenges, trials, and tribulations.

Whilst I was able to enrich my catalogue of experiences and memories by gallivanting across Europe, it’s no surprise that as a result, my prep suffered. To be blunt, some things will always take priority over prep, and this was the case here. I couldn’t imagine not being by the side of my partner for the long and arduous trip across the continent, where we were challenged on multiple fronts (including a burst tyre at 4:30am), so from that point of view I am certainly glad to have been by her side.



Plus, another stunning sunrise was captured while on the road.


Focusing back on the task at hand; the prep. Training was non-existent, diet was a shambles, but posing was actually practiced on a few occasions. In short then; a bad week. My training has been haphazard of late, with recovery from a back injury still ongoing, it’s been tough to get momentum developing and being absent from the gym didn’t help matters.

Eating on the road is difficult if you can’t bring pre-prepared meals with you, which I’m still trying to get to the bottom of, regarding what can and can’t be taken through customs in hand luggage. Nevertheless, I was unprepared and thus, resorted to gas station sandwiches and the like. To combat the poor diet, I attempted to minimize the quantity I took in and when it was all said and done and I weighed myself at the climax of the week and the result…

My weight hadn’t changed at all. This, coupled with nothing noticeably shifting in physical appearance means that I may have gotten away with it, but now it’s all about getting back on the horse and ensuring the grind is pure from here on out.

However, it’s not a cause for alarm just yet. I’m still far enough away from the competition that a bad week such as this won’t wreak too much havoc, and lapses can be addressed rather quickly – which will be the focus of this upcoming week.



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So, in brief, this week was a bit of a write-off.  But as stated, it’s not the end of the world and it just means harder work must ensue in order to make sure that when the day comes, I’m fully prepared and able to show my best. Must work harder.