All capitals, a question mark and an exclamation point?!

Something earth-shatteringly huge must be occurring, and you would be right to think so.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have my first big announcement to make; I will be competing this year on stage as an aspiring fitness model in at least one category and one federation.

This is not a decision I have taken lightly, nor out of the blue, but rather a dream I’ve been working towards for the past two years. Having a body I’m proud of has not come easy and it has been far from a walk in the park, but 2018 was always the year I had in my head and now the time has come.

If you look on my Instagram feed (click the symbol in the top right) you’ll notice I’m frequently posting about fitness related subjects and often, getting a pose and caption in the gym. It’s not all pure vanity, it’s been a platform for me to get confident and comfortable with sharing my body and thoughts online and the positive feedback from friends and strangers alike has encouraged me so much over the past few years, that I knew I was doing the right thing.

So, moving forward I will be dedicating one blog post per week to a competition prep update. This will include my thoughts and feelings as I traverse seven days of dieting and training, whilst keeping the work-life balance maintained. This will act as a way to not only keep me honest but also provide an insight into what prep is all about, especially for a first-timer. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my journey and I look forward to taking you with me for the ride.

On that note, here’s a quick update on the current status quo…

Last Sunday, I took my first ever posing course, which was put together by the exemplary teachers at Chase Perfection and I learned so much in the two-hour session. I can honestly say that if you’re in need of some posing tips, hints or tricks, or need to tighten up an existing routine, a visit here will work wonders, for men and women. I had a blast trying out new poses, finding out how to properly accentuate the correct muscles and meeting fellow competitors. I’ve got lots to work on and it was a really motivational day as it felt like the first true step into the competing world.

Training has unfortunately ground to a halt. Two weeks ago, I injured my back doing deadlifts, something which has never happened to me before in my five years of training, but this serves as a reminder to always be careful and mindful of form, as anything can happen. I trained twice soon after the incident, thinking it was minor niggle but unfortunately, it hasn’t proved to be the case and things aren’t improving rapidly. I had a good physio session last Friday which helped initially, however by Sunday the pain was back and I’m likely going to visit an osteopath, although at the time of writing, my back does seem to be holding up a little better, so we’ll see.

Finally, diet. Probably the most important aspect of competing is getting the diet absolutely nailed to a fine art. Macros are tracked, calories reduced and the food is stripped down to the basics and is now looked upon as simply fuel. This is where my biggest battle awaits, as quite simply I love junk food. Creme eggs, Dr. Pepper, “pick ‘n’ mix” are absolute vices of mine, so it’s a challenge for sure. So far though, my one cheat day a week has been kept to, which has yielded positive results, I’ve been on the diet for roughly four weeks and have lost a healthy amount of weight and body fat so far.


Other announcements! I now have a Facebook Page which you can access either by clicking the symbol at the top right or by following this link

I’ve also updated the banner picture for the website, something I created myself, as with most graphics here on the website.

So that’s it, a relatively quick post but nevertheless an important one, I look forward to bringing even more content to you all and thank you for your continued support.

Have a nice day.